Optimising land values

Who are we?

We are a specialist team of property developers, planning consultants, chartered surveyors and land managers. Some of our team members have over 35 years experience in the property industry.

We work with landowners to optimise the value of their land at no cost or risk to them. We enter into commercial agreements with landowners, take sites through the planning process, sell sites with planning or develop these out for a profit.

Our combined experience, successful track records, extensive contacts and backgrounds enables us to be highly dynamic and creatively structure deals. We are not restricted like a corporate entity, thus allowing us to take a very broad view on considering all opportunities.

Our Company Vision

We want to provide a business that changes people’s lives and provides the following:

  • Education.
  • Partnership - Joint Ventures
  • Investment opportunities.

A fully comprehensive world class online property training course run by proven experts in the following:

  • Planning uplift.
  • Property Development.
  • Investment opportunities.