Optimising Land Values, Land Investment Opportunities, Land Sourcing & Development Education

Optimising Land Values, Land Investment Opportunities, Land Sourcing & Development Education

Planning Gain Experts are a dynamic planning and development company with an exclusive membership club. Founded in 2020 by Catherine Lamond and Ed Harding, we are a specialist team of property developers, planning consultants, chartered surveyors and land managers with a combined experience of over 100 years. We work with landowners to optimise the value of their land at no cost or risk to them. We enter into commercial agreements with landowners, take sites through the planning process, sell sites with planning or develop these out for a profit.

Life & Income Changing Opportunities

Planning Gain Experts provide step-by-step education and mentoring to help you successfully invest within Land and identify profitable Land sites across the UK. Some of our team members have achieved up to 2150% ROI on only one project. With one of our Land Agents on track to earn £350,000 profit share from only one Land site! If you're looking to invest in not just Land, but in yourself, we're here to help you achieve that.

Become a Land Investor

Discover the potential of Land investment with Planning Gain Experts:

  • Priority access to investment opportunities.

  • Joint Venture opportunities.

  • Learn how to protect your wealth.

  • Understand how to compound your investment over years.

  • Spread the risk of investments over multiple projects and enjoy returns of up to 100% ROI.

  • Access to online¬†education¬†& receive mentorship¬†from¬†industry experts¬†with over 100+ years combined experience

Become a Member

Become a Land Sourcer

A fully-comprehensive world class online property training academy run by industry experts:

  • Earn ¬£5,000 - ¬£10,000 upfront on sourcing fees (this is site specific).
  • Earn 10% profit shares or a 2% sourcing fee per successful site.
  • Learn how to become a property developer.
  • Access to our Professional Partner Services and 10-15% discounts.
  • Attend regular webinars with industry experts and access to our bespoke CRM database.
  • One of our Land Agents is on track to earn up to ¬£350,000 from one site.
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